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19 April, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: Oppo Find 7a Review

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Upcoming Android Phones: New phone Oppo Find 7a Review coming out in May 2014 

Upcoming Android Phones by Oppo : Oppo Find 7a 

Oppo don’t have the Glamour and excellence of other huge companies such as Sony, Samsung, Apple… Etc but it's came with high specifications. Where its competitors in 2014 have a wonderful 1080P displays, Oppo has surprised the world with a first 5.5 HD display touch screen among her smartphones.

Upcoming Android Phones

#1 Display 

Oppo Find 7 have IPS LCD display 2560 X 1440, gives you a high quality show 538 PPI. Oppo has an amazing 1080 p screen,  Find 7 specifications like the rest of the big companies, Oppo find 7 has a Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon801, have 2.5 Giga Hertz + 330 GPU Adreno and An amazing Ram 3GIGABYTE.

#2 Ram

When we compare Oppos find 7 with other huge flagships we found that Oppo 7 has a processor install as Galaxy S5, but Oppo find 7 excelled on Sony Xperia z2 sirius In terms of the 3 GIGABYTE Ram.

#3 Storage

Internal Storage of oppo 7 is just 32 Gigabyte , I know this is not enough but you can expand it to 128Gigabyte with Micro SD, have also another options such as Bluetooth 4, Nfc and Have WIFI, for the first time in oppo phones have LTE .

#4 Battery

Battery of oppo is just an awesome it came with 3000 mAh a strong battery, battery can charges with a USB port on the  phone base, the phone has an excellent feature has a VOOC charges system which will shorten the time and charge from 0 % to 75 % in 30 Minutes.

Upcoming Android Phones

#5 Camera

Oppo has upgrade the camera which provide camera with 13 Megapixel, camera use sensor IMX214 CMOS of sony, it can take 50 MP pictures, thank you oppo for this deception software.

#6 Video

The video is a very clear it provides 4 k video at 30 FPS, has video with 1080P, the front camera you will see a 5 Megapixel, you will enjoy an video chat with this awesome front camera.

That's it, choose your Latest Upcoming Android Phones and enjoy.
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08 April, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: Motorola Moto X Wooden Edition

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Motorola Moto X wooden Review New phone 2014

New Upcoming Android Phones By Motorola : Motorola Moto X
Moto X became available alongside the other wood grain options at the end of January and since the arrival of my personal unit on January 30 I have been using the device almost non-stop alongside my other daily driver, in that time I have carried it completely naked as is my normal custom and the phone has a few run-ins with gravity in particular with the hardwood floors have in my office.

Upcoming Android Phones

You can compare it with this Upcoming Android phones 

  • Even before all that I noticed something peculiar about the Moto x 

  •  the device had an interesting modeled layers sitting atop the wood grain which I took to be a water resistant sealant, highlights moisture when the device is wet  when you’re handling it with sweaty or greasy hands in really shows up, but it’s not as bad as a glass back because the material has the look and feel love wood.

  • You might not mind giving it a little character through moisture, not that you would wanna spray it with furniture cleaner but little water from the shower hasn't heard mind at all, the back panel does show the occasional minor imperfection but again those were there under the box and are not a result of my clumsy fingers.

Upcoming Android Phones

  • Really the ebony surface hold up better than the plastic even though it’s smoother to the touch and the wood grain does a good job of minimizing scratches, sadly that’s not a totally clean bill of health just because I haven’t dropped the device on concrete, the frame have the Ebony Moto X is just as plastic as it is on the rest of the line and its glass is just too susceptible to minor scratches but the Ebony Moto X model Lexus similarity to its cousins works for it to , it’s fairly rugged, it will sized so you’re less likely to drop it and the new custom decals don’t look to be going anywhere no matter how many pockets your phone is slid into an out up.

Best of all it comes from a company whose name has for years been synonymous with solid hardware, in terms of durability it’s sure not sacrificing much and you should feel pretty okay about carrying one of these without a case.

That's it, choose your Upcoming Android Phones in 2014 and enjoy.

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30 March, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: New HTC Desire 816 Review

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HTC Desire 816 Review New Phone in 2014

Upcoming Android Phones in 2014 By HTC : HTC Desire 816

There’s nothing absolutely nothing that’s mid-tier about this phone and HTC is planning to redefine the category he knows this desire 816 has pretty much everything that you like from the HTC One or at least a lot of these features like for example you do have gorgeous boom sound and 5 megapixel camera at the front that’s wide angle lens remember HTC have brought this up with the HTC 8x couple year ago.

Upcoming Android Phones
Upcoming Android PhonesThen in the back this is a glossy plastic back , you know it’s not a fingerprint magnet obviously because it’s the white variant 

there are other awesome options 

  • we have a 5.5 inch
  • 720 P display IPS LCD 
  • we also have a 13 megapixel camera with led flash
  • we have a gorgeous storage up to 128 gigabytes 

and this phone is actually the first Android phone I’d say that have sports and nano sim as compared to the Microcenter as we see everywhere else.

Typical power button and volume rocker as I mentioned we do have boom sound, 

  • this phone is rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Prospect Park 
  • 1.6 gigahertz and 2600 million power battery 
  • 1.5 gigabytes of RAM  
So even though this there’s a mid-tier device or at least that would be categorized as that it would be rocking Ltd will be available in emerging marketing now.
Hts Desire Have the new version of Sense on Android 4.4 this will be a very interesting phone with 720 P display it’s gonna be rocking, honestly it feels great in the hand and comfortable, remember my hand is big so obviously this is hard for me to tell you the phone is big or small I love the feel in the hand , this is not metal here in my opinion I really like what I see here but obviously it will be your opinion soon.

That's it, choose your New Upcoming Android Phones and enjoy.
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27 March, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: LG G2 Review


LG G2 Review New phone in 2014

So the same thing always happens when a new device launches, the media get a review unit ahead of the official launch and we get to use them while we write a review then the press embargo lifts every outlet posts their reviews and videos at the same time writers and comments go back and it’s a huge frenzy opinion and Buzz for about a day and then it all goes away.

Upcoming Android Phones

Sure there’s some follow up coverage but after that initial blast almost no one revisits the device to see how well it’s aged because where all on to the next big thing already so let’s do something about it, let’s take a look at the device, summer months after its release when it’s not shiny new anymore.

Obviously the hardware hasn’t physically changed so that’s the perfect place to start, at the time of its launch the G2 specifications were simply the best combination of internals money can buy 
and honestly they still spent all day only surpassed by Hempel a premium smartphones 

it’s fitted with 

  •  a Snapdragon 800 with a quad-core Krait 400  CPU to 2.3 Gigahertz 
  •  16 or 32 gigabytes a big storage
  •  the battery is rated at 3000 million powers 
  •  13 Megapixel image sensor camera with optical  image stabilization.

Upcoming Android Phones

It also comes with the basic connectivity options Wifi AC ,Blutooth Low Energy Ltd in ASEAN USB , Display it’s still just as gorgeous as it was 6 months ago, to reach the IPS plus LCD bears a 1080 P resolution and measures 5.2 inches corner to corner that gives it an overall density a 424 PPI, it’s crystal clear and the colors pop accordingly viewing angles a great, contrast in black levels are acceptable and it’s still among the very best smartphone displays around, more importantly than that the 5.2 inch display is packed into a comparatively small frame.

To this day the G2 still has the highest displayed ratio 75.7% of the front is screen and it certainly makes a notable difference on a device with such a large display but that’s only part of the harbor story.

LG 2 have newest binding features the rear facing standby switch and volume rocker, after multiple stints but there is a button configuration it hasn’t gotten any less awkward to use, unfortunately the knock on peter hasn’t gotten any more reliable leader only working about 75% of the time, meaning you will find yourself angrily tapping a blink display to check the notifications or use the phone.

 We are still not sold on the slick plastic build this would otherwise be in ultra premium handset but thanks to the Samsung S plastic housing the phone bills less luxurious than it should after just minutes have used the phone begins to feel slimy and slippery on your hand.

That's it, choose your Upcoming Android Phones and enjoy.

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26 March, 2014

Which is better? Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs HTC One M8

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Which is better samsung or HTC? , Samsung Galaxy S5 Versus HTC One M8

Upcoming Android Phones in 2014 By Samsung and HTC

This is HTC versus Samsung S in 2014, New HTC One competes directly with the Samsung Galaxy S5 , we have already reviewed HTC One M8 and we have also gone hands-on with the Galaxy S5 on two continents, our time with each gives us a pretty good idea of where these companies will be pinning their hopes and making their stance in the year ahead,  in some ways 2014 looks a lot like 2013 with the new one HTC builds on its legacy of outstanding craftsmanship boosting the aluminum to plastic ratio from 70 to 90% in the new model and giving the gunmetal versions backplate a brushed hairline finish that wouldn’t look out of place in a gourmet kitchen, the wrap around metal  get construction gives the new M8 and unmistakably luxurious feel in the hand that has to be exceeded by any other Android manufacturer that includes Samsung while the glass weave construction up the S5 offers a welcome reprieve from the hyper glaze days a bold.

upcoming android phones

upcoming android phonesThe stippled texturing only reinforces its roots in plastic and the device is familiar face in lightweight may put longtime Galaxy fans at ease but they also recall the worst of that lines cheap feeling  which began with the Galaxy S3  and continued in slightly improved form with the S4, but Samsung didn’t become the world’s largest smartphone maker by accident, it did so by bringing a lot of compelling features to the table and one of those and Galaxy S5 looks to be its camera, the new sugar comes with an advanced flash rapid and selective focus advanced HDR and Samsung’s usual bevy of shooting modes, all a bit wrapped in Samsung’s traditional easy to use viewfinder, Now HTC matches most to that point for point and the new one and it froze and the added bonus of a dedicated depth sensor for focus adjustment without multiple exposures plus it’s got a key new viewfinder of it’s own improved zoe’s and best gallery experience around so wider Samsung have the edge in this case resolution even if you are not a member of the spec obsessed.

upcoming android phonesThe disparity in the Galaxy S5’s 16 Megapixel camera and HTC one’s 4 Megapixel shooter is tough to ignore even if you consider HTC’S far superior front-facing camera but HTC comes back swinging with boom sound, the company might have ditched beats Audio but that doesn’t mean it’s given up on delivering a superb audio experience with the M8, on the contrary the new one  features new speakers, new amplifiers and larger chamber size than its predecessor.

Resulting in acclaimed 20% increase in volume over the original HTC One and the best audio experience we have ever heard on a smartphone, meanwhile Samsung single speaker continues to  loiter around back on the Galaxy S5, it no matter how loud it may be it’s obvious that Samsung’s focuses not on audio,  instead it on expanding into his own the company is relatively new to the active person’s lifestyle in addition to the baby have wearables the company announced a few weeks back, Samsung also revealed that it had poured a capability from last year’s Galaxy S4 active to its new Halo device life proving actually IP 67 water and dust resistance something Sony’s been doing for quite a while.

 Apparenlty Samsung wanted in the praise from the press and what praises come is well-earned, again we have yet review the Galaxy S5 but we have been saying durable phones shouldn’t have to be crappy phones for years and it’s nice to see a company as large as Samsung agree, sadly it doesn’t seem as though HTC will jump on that bandwagon anytime soon the jewel like precision construction up on new one doesn’t exactly lend itself to durability.

Fortunately HTC is taking steps to address that in another way at least here in the United States not only has the company made a promise to offer timely Android and sense updates to its premium smartphones within 90 days have a major release, its also begun offering free or inexpensive cracked screen replacements to those phones heaven unpleasant run in with the ground.

upcoming android phones

All this is covered under support program called HTC advantage and while Samsung has similar programs in some parts of the world it has nothing comparable here in the US as if the app, there’s one thing both companies will focus intently on 2014 specs, sure HTC opted not to supercharge its ultra pixel camera this time around but the M8 is still a powerhouse not only does oppose the new Snapdragon 800 one processor it also brings a feature its predecessor took some heat for leaving out micro SD expansion

Of course, Samsung on his offer that on most of its margins for years and the Galaxy S5 is no exception also the S5 does take the additional step have incorporating a larger removable battery when coupled with its fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and it’s slightly faster Snapdragon 805 processor, The S5 still edges out the HTC One but the gap is narrower now than it has been in the past few years.

Whether the gap in sales numbers between these two fierce rivals will narrow as well is still anyone’s guess, it comes down to how well HTC is able to market the M8 and how successful Samsung will be at convincing people that the Galaxy S5 brings enough new to the table whatever happens its interesting to see these two massive companies tweaking their formulas to stay competitive Samsung by toning down the gimmicks somewhat HTC by sticking to it’s familiar formula and if rumors are to be believed boosting its marketing efforts ultimately of course it all comes down to who buys more of what so help us predict the future leave a comment below telling us which have these products or companies here throwing your money behind and which one you think will emerge victorious at the end of the year.

That's it, choose your Upcoming Android Phones and enjoy.

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15 March, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Review

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New phone Review : Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 

Upcoming Android Phones in 2014 by SAMSUNG : Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
If you are keen on Samsung’s more recent weeks to its design language this particular tablet will be right up your alley in terms of look and feel it’s virtually a skilled up Galaxy Note 3 it has the same for the backing down on the popular Galaxy Note series pick stitching lines the perimeter of the back side and the trip along the edges as a full brushed metal made of plastic, all the materials may not fill utterly premium the tablet is built exceptionally well but no bending or creaking when gripping twist the tablet it’s incredibly lightweight at just 331 grams for the wifi model.
Upcoming Android Phones

The mosel up front are for the most part minimal, its physical footprint is comparatively small the size of display at houses, 219 millimeters taller 128.5 millimeters wide and just 7.2 millimeters thick. Its with me to quite easy to grip with one hand and unlike other similarly shaped tablets .

The internals are also pretty impressive

  •  a 2.3 Google hertz quitecore 
  •  400 CPU adrenal 330 G 
  •  Snapdragon 800 chipset 2 GB of RAM 
  •  microSD card slot for up to 64 additional GB 
  •  8 MP camera on the back 
  •  40800 million power 19.21 our fix battery

 it also sports infrared one for EC and Bluetooth Low Energy it makes USB 3.0 but let’s Note close over one the most impressive aspect of this tablet, 
  • the display at 8.4 inches 
  • the Super clear LCD bears a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels

 and overall density of 359 pixels per inch , the result is a display that is extremely bright has extra wide viewing angles great contrast relatively deep whites and colors that pop.

Upcoming Android Phones

The temperature of the display

is that have warm and it appears as if Samsung is boosting color saturation as some videos look at had unnatural especially with skin tones, it still looks fantastic even with slightly exaggerated colors, in all Bihar respective this device is not quite as nice as some of its competitors such as the iPad Mini with Retina Display or even the understated design and the budget from the Nexus 7 but we can’t complain about the specter how local tablet is.

Ok this offer situation has improved somewhat with the most recent generation of Samsung tablets and the latest iteration of Android Kit Kat , the Galaxy tab pro 8.4 runs Android 4.2 in it features Samsung’s newer Flipboard power magazine UX , from the home screen you will find to tile pages default with the user definable information such as the calendar science and the technology news and cum office and other the board still news feeds , the main home screen by default is still the basic Android style home screen, icone, widgets, wallpaper, the application or is still exist by a button in the lower right corner. The notification has been improved and optimized for larger screen devices, it’s no longer fullscreen and its inner lined.

The UI has been flattened and simpilified route

and in the notification shade and settings up in particular we noticed a Tyson was inspired appearance to little surprise, settings icons are now circular which brings us to our main point, the Software seems very conflicted and confused it doesn’t feel completely finished as there’s disparity between the icons in the notifications shade and the home screen, the notification shade looks like a Mashable all TouchWiz and ties in, in the setting app is still the cluttered jumbled haven’t been mess , it’s cumbersome to use and slightly altering its appearance hasn’t helped it’s usability all Samsung has seemingly trim done it’s more offerings on this tablet however.

It has improved the love multi-window feature 

at least in how its accessed, Performers on the tab Pruitt 14 or so you would imagine should be great in gaming,multitasking even watching video or browsing the web is fantastic in fact this may be our favorite tablet for gaming yet thanks to the combination of the size and weight Snapdragon 800 and gorgeous display need for speed Most Wanted has been more addicting than usual this model but performance is an exact with buttery smooth all the time opening outs returning home task switching in your most casual tasks work fine with few to no hiscups but we could very nearly create lag on demand by opening an app returning to the home screen and trying to click between the pages a largeportion of our time with the stella this would cause a split second paint once or twice before the system call up it isn’t the home screen is so large and resource-intensive it causes a short drop in performance.

Upcoming Android Phones

If you can cope with this performance is about as good as it gets gaming,benchmarking and usual, The speakers are one of the most upsetting as but to just have a look and not necessarily because the sound produced but because of their placement sound is loud I’ll be another  10 E but the stereo speakers are along the bottom edge they don’t offer great stereo separation and they’re incredibly easy to muffle especially in landscape mode.

If you plan to watch a movie or play games on the tablet do yourself a favor and put in some headphones, better life has been acceptable thus far protesting gaming and other casual use we have yet to kill the tablet in a single day but we don’t feel that it’s impossible to  especially with how bright the display gets or how hot the bags they can get during intense gaming, the 19.21 are better will likely last most wanted two days per charge and the standby is particularly great.

The camera performances enormous as with most tablets it’s not a priority and usually feels like an afterthought, the temporal 814 is no exception to the rule the 8 MP camera around back said to capture it 6 MP but a fall works well for stills but will likely leave you wanting more the, images are colorful as we’d like in the field of view is narrow not only will you look other holding a tablet up to take a picture to look even stranger than usual holding it up in taking several steps backward to fit everything.

At the end of the day the galaxy tab pro 8.4 this solitary from Samsung one that will compete with the likes of the iPad Mini Retina Display quite effecitively who still wish them so would use finer plastics or even metal and design but we won’t complain too much about the leathery texture round back this time , ok so for has improved somewhat but hasn’t gotten any easier to use or navigate and it’s brought a few tiny performance boasts along for the ride but the smaller tablets we’ve used to date this is easily the most enjoyable from factor and Samsung deserves some kudos.

That's it, choose your Upcoming Android Phones in summer 2014 and enjoy.

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11 March, 2014

Upcoming Android Phones: HTC HD2 Review


HTC HD2 Review New phone in  2014

Upcoming Android Phones by HTC : HTC HD2

The HTC HD 2 has never been a humble device even before it became the world’s most adaptable platform for mobile programmers it stole headlines for its sheer power in 2009, 

  • it’s one Gigahertz Qualcomm Scorpion processor was bleeding edge
  • it’s 4.3 inch display positively massive by the standard of the day.

Upcoming android Phones

That large screen area drove the hardeware size up sure but HTC did a good job keeping its chassis pocketable while it was still a big device for the time, its footprint today seems petite when compared with modern smart phones like the HTC One , it’s 11 millimeter thickness sharp physical hardware keys and attractive combination a brushed metal and soft-touch plastic on the back make for a very handsome device.

upcoming android phonesOne that holds up pretty well even today going back to the display, there’s more to it than just sheer sized, it’s also capacitive and capable of multi-touch input both firsts for a device running Windows Mobile which was a platform built for resistive touchscreens , the HD 2 shipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 but it wasn’t the tap happy Pocket PC operating system yesteryear instead HTC  had developed  one of the most complete shells ever for this version of Windows a shell which made its debut on this device under the now familier name HTC Sence, it’s amazing how deeply senses hooks dug into Windows Mobile masking almost every aspect Microsoft aging OS and replacing many of its stock programs with custom-built HTC apps and well in 2014 we might complain about such a heavy skin in 2009 this was absolutely critical to making the HD 2 palatable to a consumer audience expecting iPhone like fluidity and I cannot repeat course the real beauty of the HD 2 is that it was able to offer the best of both worlds.

It’s software was able to deliver much of the Tappan go simplicity of the iPhone but the powerful underpinnings have Windows Mobile were still accessible to those users with the desire to tweak and paired with the phones BV hardware and some well-placed marketing by HTC it made HD2 a sell-out success several times over a big win both for its manufacturer and T Mobile its exclusive launch partner in the state.

upcoming android phones

Unlike with other phones though the HD2 success story didn’t stop there, the device is incredibly mater friendly thanks to its ability to install different OS’s from the SD card of flash memory and that week ability combined with an already high affection for the device in the Windows user community created a kind of perfect storm the dev world rallied behind the HD2, hacking it to run operating systems ranging from the different flavors have Android all the way up to Kit Kat to Windows Phone 7 to Firefox OS 2.2 Ubuntu distributions even 2 proof of concept builds of Windows RT yeah the tablet OS combined with the official supportive its maker been terms of accessories.

The phone has reached almost mythical levels of worship, don’t like they are going away anytime soon, today the HTC HD2 stands as a monument to a steadfast computing platform and a testament to the power of a well-built machine to capture the imagination and the affection a generation have smartphone enthusiasts.  

That's it, choose your Upcoming Android Phones in this summer and enjoy.

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